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Blood Transfusions and Transplants.

  • Blood Transfusions and Transplants

In the unlikely event that a person who is HIV-positive donates blood products that are not tested, the person who receives the blood product is likely to develop an HIV infection too.

  • In most places in the world the risk of getting HIV from a blood transfusion is very low.

  • International health guidelines state that all blood products must be tested for viruses such as HIV, and in most countries rigorous testing procedures are put in place.

  • In rare cases where blood or blood products, such as a donated organ or tissue, have not been tested, HIV may be transmitted if the donation has come from an HIV-positive individual.

  • You have the right to ask your healthcare professional if a blood product has been tested for HIV or not.

  • You cannot get HIV from donating blood as new, sterile and disposable needles are used.

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